Vodytech is a technology blog on computers, software and internet. We regularly publish software guides, how-to’s and technology news so that you become technically self sufficient. We believe that computers are made for everyone, not just geeks.

Here is a brief FAQ about this website:

Q: What is Vodytech? What does the name mean?

A: Vodytech is a popular technology website consisting of tech articles, tutorials and how-to guides related to software, computers, and internet. We publish software reviews, tutorials and our views on tech products.

The name Vodytech does not have any specific meaning (the name was coined by Admin when he wanted to start a blog on programming.

Q: Who is the author of this website?

A: The site is written by Jamal Oujdi and Yassine JB. We have had some amazing contributors and guest authors contribute to this site.

Q: When did you guys start writing?

A: Vodytech was launched in early 2019.

Q: What platform do you use to run this blog?

A : The site runs on a self hosted WordPress platform.

Q : How do we read the content? How can we subscribe to this blog?

A : You can subscribe to the RSS feed or subscribe by email to let our content delivered to you.

Q: I am a blogger. Do you allow guest blogging in this site?

A : We encourage guest blogging but due to large number of submissions, we are not able to carry forward all requests. Please see our guidelines for writing a guest article on this website.

Q : Can I publish your article in my blog?

A : Please adhere to our terms before using our content, images in your blog or website. We hate plagiarism and take necessary actions when we find someone republishing our content without giving due credit.

Q : I am an advertiser. What are the advertising options available in this blog ?

A : Please read the instructions if you are interested in advertising in this blog.

If you have any other issues or need help, please contact us.