We live in a modern era where we have tons of solution to listen to our favorite music. However, many of us still prefer to have and maintain a personal music library. If you are one of those people then you are in the right place. We have handpicked the best free music download sites legally where you will get access to your favorite music.


Jomendo - Best free music download site

Jomendo is one of the best free music download sites where you can download the music legally through a creative commons license. It is a common license where artists themselves make their music free for the masses. On the platform, you will find tons of music from artists around the world. Moreover, it also features the playlists such as Best of January, Valentine’s Day and many more. You also get the option to download the songs as well as streaming the music.


NoiseTrade - Best free music download site

NoiseTrade is another very popular free music download site where you can download the music legally. The platform boasts thousands of music albums from various artists around the world. If you like music, you have the option to tip the artists to motivate them. Moreover, if you want to download the music, you will need to enter your email address and you will get the music album in a ZIP file which you can unpack and get the music in MP3 format. The platform also comes with eBooks and audiobooks which you can download for free.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Amazon is another very popular platform which boasts the thousands of songs available for free. You can simply visit the website and chose the music by genre, popularity, release date, length of the songs, reviews, and album. If you want, you can also play the music before downloading it which is a plus. Amazon also features the songs from well-known artists which you can download.



Bandcamp is a unique platform which allows you to download the music on “Name your price” type mode where you can either pay for the music, but if you want to download it for free, you can simply put “0” and you will be able to download the music for free. The platform boasts songs from various artists from around the world. You also won’t need an account to use the service, you can visit the website and start downloading the songs. However, if you want you can sign up for the service and start using it.

Internet Archive’s Audio Archive

Internet Archive's Audio Archive

Internet Archive’s Audio Archive is another free music download site where you get access to millions of songs, podcasts, radio programs and more. You get the choice to sort out the music according to items, title, date published or creator which make it easier for you to download the music. On the platform, you also get the choice to download the music in either MP3 or OGG format which is a plus.


SoundClick - Best free music download site

SoundClick is a very comprehensive music download site which allows you to download music from signed and unsigned artists. You also get the choice to pick the songs from various genres including instrumental, HipHop, Electronic, Pop, Jazz, Urban and many more. Moreover, you can also create your custom radio station and interact with the listeners. Most of the music on the platform is available for free but some music is paid and you need to pay to download it.



Last.fm is a minimalistic free music download site which provides access to hundreds of free songs. You can download the music with a single click which is a plus. Moreover, you can also browse the music by category, new releases, coming soon and some other ways. Apart from downloading the songs, you can also stream the library available on the platform. You also get the recommendation of the songs by the bands you love. If you are looking for a simple yet effective free music download site then the Last.fm is a good option for you.


SoundCloud - Best free music download site

SoundCloud is one of the biggest music streaming platforms which provides access to thousands of songs by artists, local artists, and mashups. Some of the music on the platform is also downloadable but the best thing about this platform is that it streams the song, once you stream the song, you will be able to listen to it even if you don’t have internet access. The only problem with SoundCloud is that it hasa very large community and most of the time you will be hearing songs covers from local artists and it is difficult to find the original music there.



Audiomack is very similar to SoundCloud in term of functionality and it allows you to explore the new music. All the music on the platform is 100% legal and free to stream. Some music on the platform is also available on download but it depends on the artist. The platform itself comes with very simple UI which make it easier to use. It also comes with a search option where you can search songs according to their genre, album, and artists. There are also Trending and Top Songs section where you will find the top music. You can download the music from Audiomack without needing any user account which is a plus. The platform also has dedicated apps for Android and IOS Devices.



Spinrilla is another free music download site where you can download the hip-hop mixtapes for free. The platform allows you to search the music by name, single, Chart or popular mixtapes according to day, month or all time. It also requires you to signup if you want to download the individual songs but if you want to download albums, you won’t need to signup.


These are the 10 best music download sites legally. All the music on these sites is available legally and you can download it without any issues. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below. You can also check out the best music streaming apps for Android on our website.


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