One of the best things you can do with your Mac is to back up your data. It’s very important because backing up the data allows you to recover your data if your Mac is compromised or you accidentally delete the data. Whatever the case is, backing up the data is very important, and you can easily do it with the backup software. Now, if you are interested in backing up your data and you are looking for good backup software, this guide is for you. In this guide, we will share the best backup software for Mac. Let’s dive right into it.

Best Backup Software for Mac

Acronis True Image 2021 (Editor’s Choice)

Acronis True Image 2021

Acronis True Image is arguably one of the best Backup Software for Mac. It’s basically a personal backup software that allows you to back up your data to your local personal disk or Acronis’s Cloud-based service.

Also, the software supports the APFS drives, so no matter which version of the macOS you are using, you won’t experience any difficulties with the Mac. On top of that, it also allows you to set the minimum power level, which basically tells the software to stop backing up the data when the power level in your Mac reaches a certain level.

Acronis True Image works really well; just select the data you want to back up, click on the folders you want to back up the data, and that’s it. You can also clone the data to an external hard disk, Acronis Cloud, and other storage devices as well.

In terms of security, Acronis True Image also allows you to encrypt the backups as well, which will ensure that your data don’t get into the wrong hands. If your data is encrypted, no one won’t be able to read it, and your data will be safe. If you are looking for a comprehensive Backup Software with both local and cloud backup capabilities, then Acronis True Image is a solid option for you.

Download Acronis True Image 2021

Get Backup Pro (Best Backup Software for Mac)

Get Backup Pro

Get Backup Pro is another very comprehensive Backup Software that you can use to ensure that your data is safe. The main reason why you would want to get the Get Backup Pro is its flexibility. It’s a very flexible backup software that allows you to backup data the way you want. For example, it allows you to back up the whole drive or a few files. It all depends on you.

You can also schedule the backups in advance, and Get Backup Pro will automatically backup the data in the background without annoying you. Another great thing about getting Backup Pro is that it allows you to restore the data to any Mac without requiring you to install the Get Backup Pro first.

The one thing which we liked the most about the Get Backup Pro is that it comes with a variety of encryption options that provides various levels of security. In Get Backup Pro, you get the different encryptions standards such as AES-128, AES-256, Blowfish, and Triple DES.

The reason why you wouldn’t want the Get Backup Pro is that it doesn’t come with its cloud service. So, you only get the option to back up the data to local storage devices. Overall, Get Backup Pro is a very capable Backup Software, and if you want a security-centric backup software, then Get Backup Pro is a solid option for you.

Download Get Backup Pro


ChronoSync - Best Backup Software for Mac

ChronoSync is one of the best backup software for Mac. It’s a very robust backup software that comes with tons of backup options.

For starters, you get the option to back up the data to the local hard drives or NAS box. You also get the option to back up the data to Google Cloud or Amazon S3 Storage, which is a very useful option. So, you get the option for local backup and cloud backup, which you won’t find in much backup software out there.

Another great feature of ChronoSync is that it allows the backup to a remote location over SFTP, which means that you can easily backup your data to remote devices on the go. It can be your iPad, another Mac, or even iPhone, and you will be doing it with the help of the interconneX app.

Overall, ChronoSync is a solid backup software that comes with tons of great options. If you want the software with local, cloud, and remote backup option, then ChronoSync is a great option for you.

Download ChronoSync

Backblaze (Best Online Backup Solution for Mac)

Backblaze - Best Backup Software for Mac

When it comes to online Backup Services, Backblaze is a respected name because of its flawless service. You can use the Backblaze to back up your data on the go. All you will need the Mac Software, which you can download on your Mac and start backing up the data.

All the backups on Backblaze are kept for 30 days, and you can easily restore them during this period. Also, the software only updates the files which are changed since the last backup.

On top of that, Backblaze also comes with an encryption option, and you can also add the passcode to your backup as well so that only you get access to it.

When it comes to performance, Backblaze is really good. If you are backing up the data for the first time, it will take its time to complete the backup, and it can take days, depending on the data you have. After the first time, the backup time will reduce because of its incremental backup model.

Overall, Backblaze is solid backup software, and if you want backup software with a cloud storage option, then Backblaze is a solid option for you.

Download Backblaze


That’s all, folks. These are the best backup software for Mac. All of these software are really good, and many Mac users around the world use them. So, you can’t go wrong with any of them. We would recommend you to check the details of each Backup software and then pick the one which suits your need. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to check our guide on Best Antivirus Software for Mac.


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