Best Medical Apps for iPhone

As the world is going digital, we are seeing a surge in health awareness across the world. People are now more concerned about their health and they want to learn about the various medical topics. If you are one of those people or you are a medical student then we can help you find the best medical apps. In this comprehensive guide, we will share the 10 best medical apps for iPhone and iPad in 2022.


UpToDate - Best Medical App for iPhone

UpToDate is one of the best medical apps for iPhone and iPad in 2022. If you are a medical professional or someone who wants to stay updated with all the advancements in the medical world then UpToDate is the best app for you. The app comes with comprehensive information where you can find the latest advancements, Articles, videos on medical procedures, and many more. Also, UpToDate is completely free to use.



WebMD - Best Medical App for iPhone

WebMD is one of our favorite medical apps that you can use to know about the diseases. The app allows you to check the symptoms, learn about various medical conditions, and also find the drugs for treatment. It also offers complete information on diagnosis and treatment. WebMD also comes with the doctor Directory which you can use to find the specialists near your location. The combination of extensive medical Information and great functionality make the WebMD one of the best medical apps for iPhone.


John Hopkins Antibiotic Guide

Johns Hopkins Antibiotic Guide

John Hopkins Antibiotic Guide is one of the best medical apps for iPhone. The main purpose of this app is to inform you about the drugs you take. You can search for information on medication and the treatment of various medical illnesses. It also shows the recommended dosages, side effects, and other important information. If you are looking for a comprehensive medical app that helps you find info on drugs then John Hopkins Antibiotic Guide is a solid option for you.


First Aid by American Red Cross

First Aid

First Aid by American Red Cross is byfar one of the best medical apps for iPhone and iPad. It is also one of our favorite apps as it provides complete information on first aid. The app comes with the comprehensive step-by-step guides which can help you deal with everyday first aid scenarios. It also features the safety tips which you can use if you encounter any severe conditions such as severe winter weather, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. The app also comes with Integrated 911 so you can directly call the EMS from the app.



MyChart - Best Medical App for iPhone

Being humans, we are vulnerable and we often need medical assistance to fight the various health challenges. However, we often struggle to keep our medical history in one place. MyChart is a very useful app that you can use to save all of your medical records. It allows you to record vaccinations, prescriptions, visits to doctors, and other useful data that can be useful to doctors.  The app also allows you to book your appointments with your doctor directly from the app. Also, the user interface of the app is very intuitive which makes it easier to use. The combination of awesome functionality and ease of use make MyChart one of the best medical apps for iPhone in 2022.




Epocrates is one of the best medical apps for iPhone. It is a very comprehensive medical reference app which you can use to find information about the medicines. The app provides detailed information on pharmacology, prescribing and safety information, adult and pediatric dosing, adverse reactions, contraindications, black box warnings, pregnancy, and lactation considerations, and many more. It also features over 600 dosing calculators and medical equations and other useful tools as well.


Doctor on Demand

Doctor On Demand

As the name suggests, Doctors on Demand will connect you with the doctor in real-time with whom you can share your medical condition and get professional advice. The app comes with doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists who offer medical assistance at very affordable rates. It is also free to use but booking an appointment with the doctor will cost you money.


GlassesOff: Read Without Glasses


GlassesOff is one of the best medical apps for iPhone in 2022. It is an advanced app that is designed by the neuroscientists to eliminate our dependency on reading glasses. The app uses advanced patented methods to improve your eyesight by enhancing the image processing function of your brain. It only requires the 3 sessions every week and each session lasts for 12 months. The app claims that you can start experiencing a difference after 2 months of therapy. If you also want to get rid of your glasses and improve your eyesight then GlassesOff is a great option for you.


First Derm

First Derm Online Dermatology

These days the cases of skin issues are on the rise and there are many factors behind it. As the cases are increasing, we often ignore the early symptoms of severe skin conditions which results in inconvenience in the long term. First Derm is an advanced Dermatology app that allows you to detect the skin conditions in the early stages so that you get medical help. Just put the app and scan the condition and it will show you the possible skin condition.



Medscape - Best Medical App for iPhone

Medscape is one of the best medical apps for iPhone and iPad. It is a very popular platform within the medical fraternity. The app comes with hundreds of physicians and healthcare professionals who share the medical news, drug and disease information, and other relevant details on the platform. You can also find the reference articles on various medical procedures as well.



That’s all folks. These are the 10 best medical apps for iPhone and iPad. The best thing about these apps is that they are free to use but you can go for in-app purchases to get some additional features. Also, if you want to stay fit without going to the gym then you can check our guide on “10 Best Home Workout Apps for iPhone“.


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