In this guide, we will explain how to enable USB Debugging Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. If you are Android enthusiast you have probably heard the term “USB Debugging” which is a very common term on android forums mainly used in solutions for problems in Android Smartphones. Mainly USB Debugging Mode is a primary function which facilitates the connection between the Android Device and the computer with Android Software Development Kit.

It is mainly used by developers because it providesa whole different level of access to the device. Debugging Mode allows the developers to write code, run terminal commands with ADB and many more. If you are interested in enabling USB Debugging Mode on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 then keep reading because we gonna show you how to do it. let’s get into it.

How to Enable USB Debugging Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The whole process of enabling UBS Debugging Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is very easy and all you have to do is to follow these steps.

Step 1. Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the gear-shaped icon on the top right corner to access the settings. Alternatively, go to your homescreen, find the App icon and open it.

Step 2. In the settings, find the About Phone section and then tap the Software information.

Step 3. Scroll down and tap the Build Number several times until you see a message on the screen “Developer Mode has been enabled“.

Step 4. Now tap the back button and you will see the Developer Options in the settings. Open it.

Step 5. I the developer options, toggle the Button to Blue.

Step 6. Now check the USB Debugging and you will see a message “Allow USB Debugging“, tap Ok.


Congratulations! You have successfully enabled the USB Debugging mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. By enabling the USB Debugging mode, now you can easily connect your PC with your Galaxy Note 9. You will not encounter any connectivity issues and you also have the unrestricted access to your smartphone from your PC. If you encounter any issues then make sure that you are using genuine Samsung Galaxy Note 9 USB Cable. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you want to learn how to disable Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, then visit our website.


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