In this guide, you will learn how to factory reset your HTC One M9 Plus. HTC One M9 Plus was launched back in 2015 and it came with some decent specs such as Super LCD3 Capacitive display, 3GB RAM, and MediaTek Helio X10 Processor. These specs cannot be rated as premium specs in 2020 but still, they can be rated as lower-mid tier specs and you can still have decent performance using these specs. However, as it is an older phone, it can run into some problems and one of the best ways to solve these problems is the Factory reset and we will show you how you can do it.

When should I Factory reset my HTC One M9+ ?

Performance issues are a common problem with the old smartphones and HTC One M9 Plus is no exception. If you are facing the following problems on your HTC M9+ then it’s time to factory reset it.

  • Freezing issues
  • Slow response from smartphone
  • Frequent App Crashes
  • Struck in rebooting
  • Frequent reboots
  • Restart issues
  • Virus infection
  • Random errors

How to Factory Reset your HTC One M9 Plus?

The entire process of factory resetting the HTC One M9 Plus is fairly simple and you can do it with simple steps. However, before starting the process, ensure that your M9 Plus must have a 50% battery or more otherwise your M9 can get some serious damage. Also, create a backup of your data. Factory reset will delete all the files and apps in your smartphone so if you want to access your data then create a backup.

Once the battery is above 50% and you have created the backup, then you can use the following steps to factory reset.

  • Go to the apps section, navigate to the Settings app, and tap it to access the settings.
  • Now navigate to the Backup and Reset menu and tap it.
  • Navigate to Personal Data section, find Factory Data Reset and tap it.
  • The smartphone will show what happens when you factory reset your smartphone. Tap Reset Device.
  • Device will confirm your identity by asking you to enter the unlock method: pin, pattern, or password.
  • If you also want to delete the portable storage data, then select Delete All.
  • That’s it. The system will start the process of erasing data and will restore your M9 Plus to the factory condition.


That’s how you can factory reset your HTC One M9 Plus. Factory reset will help you improve the performance of your M9 Plus. As it is an old phone, we would suggest that you only install the necessary apps to ensure good performance. Also, if you are into golf games, then you can check our “10 Best Golf Games for Android” guide to find the best Golf Games for HTC One M9 Plus.


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