Different from Samsung Galaxy or some other Android phones, iPhone can’t use memory card to expand its storage. And when you run out of your limited iPhone storage (16G, 32G or 128G) or your iOS operating system tells you there is not enough space to download apps and games, it may be the time you should free up your iPhone storage space. In this guide, we talk about the tips of how to free up space on your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Check iPhone Storage

Before freeing up space on iPhone 7, you should know what is taking up your iPhone storage. There are two ways to know how much space you actually left on your iPhone.

You can run “Settings” app on your device and go to General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Mange Storage (Storage) to check iPhone storage usage. It will list all apps and the size of each one. And it tells you how much space you have totally used and how much left.

You can also run your iTunes to check iPhone storage. It also tells you how much space you have used, and list the main data types with each one’s size. To check iPhone storage via iTunes, you have to download and install iTunes first on your computer. You should run iTunes and connect your iPhone to computer. After iTunes recognizes your device, click your device’s icon on iTunes. You will find the usage bar on the bottom.

Check Storage Space Usage on iOS 12 Device via iTunes

Backup Audio and Photos

Your collected songs, photos and videos are always the big files that take up the most of your iPhone storage. You can backup them to another place, such as Cloud, computer, hard drive or another device. And after that, you can remove them from your device, which will make a lot of space on your iPhone 7.

Uninstall Unneeded Apps

Apps and games usually take up a lot of space on an iPhone. When checking storage usage on your iPhone “Settings”, all apps will be listed. You can tap the apps you no longer use, and delete them to free up space on your iPhone 7. Next time you want to download the apps, you can find them in your purchased list on App Store, and you can download it for free without purchasing again.

Use Third-Party Apps

It’s an uphill task to manually get out and remove all unnecessary junks on an iPhone. So there are some professional iPhone cleaning tools you can use to do this job in a simple way. For example, PhoneClean can quickly clean cache files, app leftover, message attachments, Safari junks and other files on your iPhone, and help you easily free up space on your iPhone 7.

Clear Cache, History and Attachments

If you find “Documents and Data” and “Others” take up a lot of storage on your iPhone when checking iPhone storage via iTunes, you may need to¬†clear app cached files, chatting history and attachments to free up space on your iPhone 7. Normally, some apps offer you the way to clear its cache and history, such as Safari and Messages, while some doesn’t offer related features. For example, to clean all Safari history and website data, you can go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.

You may have experienced iPhone storage problem and have some different ideas about managing storage on an iPhone 7. As you can see, you can free up space on your iPhone 7 easily.


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