LG Velvet is one of the best Android smartphones in the market, and like other Android phones, LG Velvet also offers tons of customization options that you can use to personalize it. Today, we will discuss how you can set the custom ringtone on LG Velvet. We will also share some popular apps which you can use to create your own ringtones. Let’s get started.

How to Find the Best Ringtones for my LG Velvet

Before we get to the actual process, it’s important that you have a good custom ringtone. For that, you can use the ringtone apps, which will offer a steady supply of great ringtones, or you can create one of your own using a ringtone maker. In either case, you can check our guide where we have shared the best ringtone apps and ringtone makers for Android.

How to Set Custom Ringtone on LG Velvet

Once you have found the custom ringtone of your choice, you are all set to set it as your default ringtone. Here’s how you can set a custom ringtone on your LG Velvet.

  • Unlock your LG Velvet.
  • Swipe down from the top of LG Velvet’s screen and tap the settings icon (gear-shaped icon) at the top right corner to access the settings. Alternatively, Go to the home screen, find the Settings¬†app, and tap it to access the settings.
  • In the Settings, Go to Sound section.
  • Now find the Ringtone¬†section and tap it.
  • In the Ringtone section, you will find the list of available ringtones. As you want to set the custom ringtone, tap the “+” icon at the top right corner.
  • The next option is from where you want to pick the ringtone. Select the app, then select the ringtone and set it as a custom ringtone.

How do I make custom ringtones?

The best way to make the custom ringtones is to use the ringtone maker. Using a ringtone maker, you can easily turn your favorite song or any audio into a ringtone. It also comes with a number of tools that you can use to pick any part from the song as a ringtone. You can find the best ringtone maker in this guide.

Can I use a recording as a ringtone on LG Velvet?

Yes, you can certainly use any recording as the ringtone on your LG Velvet. Just record the sound, and you can set it as a ringtone. If you want to trim it, you can use the ringtone maker app for this purpose.


That’s all, folks. In this guide, you learned how to set custom ringtone on LG Velvet. We also explained how you can find new ringtones or create custom ones using ringtone apps. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments. Also, check this guide if you want to learn the different ways of taking a screenshot on LG Velvet.


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