LG Velvet is top-of-the-line smartphone, and it comes with a 4300 mAh battery, which is a bit small according to 2021 standards, but LG Makes up for it with 25W fast charging. As the device supports the 5G, it’s clear that the battery will drain faster, and if you want to prolong the battery life, you will have to keep an eye on your battery and manage the apps. Enabling the Battery Percentage will help you in the process, and we will show you how you can enable battery percentage on your LG Velvet. Let’s get started.

How to Show Battery percentage on LG Velvet

The whole process of showing battery percentage on LG Velvet is very simple, and you can easily do it by following the simple steps explained in this section.

  • Unlock your LG Velvet.
  • Now swipe down from the top of LG Velvet’s screen and tap the settings icon (gear-shaped icon) to access the settings. Alternatively, go to the home screen, find the Settings app shortcut, and tap it.
  • In the settings, Go to the General section.
  • Find the Battery section and tap it.
  • In the Battery section, find Battery Percentage on Status and toggle it blue to turn it on.
  • That’s it.

Congratulations! You have successfully shown the Battery Percentage on LG Velvet.

How to get better Battery Life on LG Velvet?

LG Velvet comes with a 4300 mAh battery, which is not a lot considering the power the phone has got. So, you can use the following tips to get better battery life on LG Velvet.

  • Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS: These sensors use a lot of power even when you are not using them. So, make sure that you turn them off when you are not using them.
  • Use Auto-Brightness: LG Velvet comes with a high-quality P-OLED Display, which uses a lot of battery. You can’t do much about the display, but you can use enable the Auto-Brightness feature, which will allow the device to adjust the brightness according to ambient lighting, and it will help you save a lot of battery.
  • Use Lite Versions of the apps: If you are not getting good battery performance, it could be due to Apps. Luckily, some popular apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Google have lite versions, which don’t consume a lot of power and still offer a great user experience. So, use the lite version of the app to improve battery life.


That’s all, folks. In this guide, you learned how to show battery Percentage on LG Velvet. We also shared some tips which can help you get better battery life on LG Velvet. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments. Also, check this guide if you want to learn how to take a screenshot on LG Velvet.


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