Just like human being, each iOS device has its life, and is always going to be old and slow over time. That’s why we prepare and post this article in advance before the release of new iPhone, to help you speed up your “old and slow” iPhone 7 in the future.

This article gives some basic tips people use when their iOS device goes slowly and it’s suitable for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It contains some tips, and also list some tools that give you entirely new way to automatically improve the speed performance on your iPhone 7.

Tip: Before you follow the below tips to speed up your device, you’d better backup your iPhone.

1. Check Network Connection

You iPhone may go slowly when there is a bad connection between your device and the Internet. In this situation, your Safari, App Store or other apps requiring the Internet cannot smoothly download caches files, images or other files.

Therefore, you should make sure your iPhone 7 is connected to a stable Internet, no matter Wi-Fi or Cellular Network. You can change another Wi-Fi and try again. Or you can reset network settings by going to Settings > General > Reset on your device, to refresh all Wi-Fi, VPN and Cellular settings to default.

2. Speed up iPhone 7 by Free Up Storage

The iPhone storage problem may result in a slow iPhone 7. As time goes by, your iPhone will be filled with various apps and media files. When there is not enough storage space on your iPhone, you may not be able to download picture, app, songs and even some small sized files.

In this situation, your apps, especially the ones requiring you to download some files online, will go very slowly or even crashes. If you face this issue, you may need to check your storage usage and remove something from your device.

3. Make Apps Compatible with iOS

If only several apps run slowly on your iPhone 7, it may be that these apps are not compatible with your iOS operating system. To solve this problem, you can reinstall these apps or update them to latest version. If it cannot work, you can wait for next iOS update to fix bugs of your current operating system.

4. Speed up iPhone 7 with Third-Party App

Some professional tools will help you automatically pick out the junks and caches that slow your iPhone 7 in a few clicks. For example, PhoneClean, the first app that developed for cleaning iOS junk files, enables you to remove system junks, including App leftovers, iOS Notifications, Active Apps and so on, to boost up the speed performance of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

As you can see, You can speed up iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Try your device again. You’ll surprisingly find that your iPhone has now run much faster. If you appreciate it a little bit, please share it with more friends.


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