Samsung Galaxy M21 comes with a battery size of 6000 mAh, which is a pretty huge battery, but still considering the games & apps we use, you would need to take some measures to improve the battery life. In this guide, you will learn how to improve the battery life on Samsung Galaxy M21. Let’s get started.

Battery Life is a common issue with smartphones these days, and even with large batteries, they can’t last for hours. So, if you want to improve the battery life on your Galaxy M21, then you can use the methods such as disabling GPS, Bluetooth, and Background running of apps to save some battery. Let’s discuss these tips in detail.

How to Improve the Battery Life on Samsung Galaxy M21

If you want to improve the battery life of your Galaxy M31, then you can use the following tips & tricks.

  • Disable the Sensors which you are not using.
  • Use Adaptive Brightness.
  • Close the Apps running in the background.
  • Use Power Mode.

Disable the Sensors which you are not using

Smartphones these days come with a lot of sensors that help with many things, but they use a lot of battery too. So, when you are not using the sensors such as Bluetooth, GPS & Wifi, then make sure that you disable them.

The problem with these sensors is that if you don’t turn them off, they will keep running and using a battery, which will result in draining the battery.

Use Adaptive Brightness

Galaxy M21 comes with the SUPED AMOLED display, which is a high-quality display, but it also consumes a lot of battery. On top of that, if you keep the brightness at a high level, then you will get poor battery performance.

So, make sure that you enable the adaptive brightness feature which will adjust the brightness automatically. Also, you can set up the dark wallpaper as it will also help you save some battery.

Close the App running in the background

Normally, smartphones automatically stop the apps from running in the background, but some of them keep running in the background and draining your battery. So, always make sure that no apps run in the background.

Use Power Mode

Last but not least, you can use the power mode to save the battery. It’s a handy way of saving battery life, especially when you are out.

For example, if you are outdoors and you don’t need the M21 at max power, then you can use the power mode. It will low the brightness of the screen and limit the resources, which will result in longer battery life.


That’s all, folks. These are the different tips that you can use to improve the battery life on the Samsung Galaxy M21. Also, make sure that you always use the original charger for charging as sub-standard chargers can potentially degrade the battery life, and you will get poor battery performance.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you want to read more guides on M31, then you can check them on our website, and you can start with “How to Set Custom Ringtone on Samsung Galaxy M21“.


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