In this guide, you will learn how to wipe cache partition on Samsung Galaxy M21. Let’s get into it.

Galaxy M21 is a great smartphone, but just like most smartphones, it can also experience performance issues, and caches in the cache partition could be the reason. So, if you want to wipe the cache partition on your Samsung Galaxy M21, then you can do it from the Android Recovery menu. Let’s discuss how you can access the Android recovery menu and use it for wiping the cache partition.

How to wipe cache partition on Samsung Galaxy M21

So, the Android Recovery menu is a hidden menu that you won’t find it in the regular settings, and the only way to access it is by using the combination of keys.

As this menu comes with a lot of other options such as Factory reset and others, you need to be careful and only follow these steps to ensure that you don’t remove any permanent data. Here’s how you can wipe the cache partition.

Wipe cache partition on Samsung Galaxy M21

  • The first step is to turn off your M21. Long press the Power key and the power menu will appear on display.
  • Select the “Restart” option, and the device will restart.
  • Now press and hold the volume up key and power key at the same time when the screen goes dark.
  • Release the keys once the Samsung logo appears on display.
  • Now a menu will appear on screen with blue text on the black background. It’s the Android Recovery menu.
  • Use the volume down key to move the highlighter and keep pressing the volume down key until “Wipe Cache Partition” gets highlighted.
  • Now press the power key to select it, and then you will be asked to confirm your action.
  • Use the volume down key to highlight “Yes” and then power key to confirm it.
  • The process will start, and once it’s completed, the “Reboot System now” will be highlighted.
  • Use the power key to confirm it and let the system reboot.

Does Wiping Cache Partition Delete Anything?

When you wipe cache partition, the system Only Deletes the “Caches,” which is a temporary data used by the apps. The apps can download the latest cache later, so when you wipe the cache partition, you will technically get rid of the cache of the uninstalled apps.

Is Wipe Cache Partition Safe?

Yes, Wiping Cache partition is a completely safe process, and it doesn’t delete any of your personal data. In fact, you should wipe the cache partition, once in a while, to keep your smartphone in great condition.

Does Wiping Cache partition speed up the phone?

It mainly depends on how much cache is accumulated in the cache partition, but generally, yes, it does speed up the phone to a great extent.


That’s all, folks. We hope that you found this guide useful, and you have successfully wiped the cache partition on your Samsung Galaxy M21.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you are interested in customizing your M21, then you can start with setting up a new ringtone, and our guide “How to Set Custom Ringtone on Samsung Galaxy M21” will help you with it.


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